Free Solar

‘Free solar’ or ‘rent a roof schemes’ as they are often referred to are an incentive whereby someone pays for the installation of a solar PV system to your roof, and you benefit from the electricity from the system for free or at a subsidised rate.
MyPlanet do not offer free panels as disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

Disadvantages of free solar:
  • Often low quality systems are installed to reduce cost,.
  • You do not have any financial benefit from the Feed-in Tariff.
  • You are giving up the ownership of your roof for 20 years +.
  • Profits from the system ALL go to the owner of the panels.
  • MyPlanet instead recommend purchasing and owning a system, so that you may benefit fully from the PV system.

    Advantages of owning a system:
  • You can choose the best quality system for your property.
  • If financed, the benefit from the Feed-in Tariff could service the loan cost.
  • You own the panels fully.
  • You can make thousands of pounds over the FIT lifetime.
  • Financing the system is easy and simple through MyPlanet, who have great relationships with many high street banks and lenders who offer preferential rates for solar PV installations.

    Contact us, we can fully design and quote the system that would best suit your property for free!

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